Parastep System

Parastep I™ System

Product Name: Parastep I™ System


  • Spinal Cord Injury (C6-T12)


  • Microcomputer controlled neuromuscular stimulation unit
  • Battery activated power pack with re-charger
  • Surface applied skin electrodes
  • Power and electrode cables
  • Control and stability walker with finger activated control switches

Product Components

Component Name: Stimulator Unit


  • The stimulator or control unit contains the microcomputer, the software (firmware) and associated electronics that generate the electrical impulses, control the intensity of the stimulation and activate all functions. Keys on the keypad allow the user to increase and decrease levels of stimulation to the muscles of the lower extremities for standing and step-taking. The stimulation intensity level is displayed by a 10-bar light emitting diode (LED) panel on the side of the unit (see photos).

Component Name: Battery Pack


  • A rechargeable battery pack that powers the system contains nickel cadmium batteries and is connected to the stimulator/control unit with a power cable. A built-in low battery alarm indicates when recharging is necessary by sounding an intermittent beep. A normal charge, dependent on intensity levels employed allows approximately 75 to 120 minutes of use. A green “ON” and a red “CHARGE” LED indicator are located on the top face of the unit (see bottom of photo). With the proper voltage charger, the battery pack works with either 110V AC or 240V AC environments

Component Name: Control and Stability Walker


  • A special electromechanically adapted folding walker allows the user to stand and to ambulate for short distances. It is connected to the stimulator/control unit via a flat cable that is part of the walker and is plugged into the jack in the stimulator/control unit labeled “TO WALKER SWITCH”.
  • Hand-controlled switch modules are located immediately in front of the handlebar grips on the left and right sides of the walker. The buttons on these switch modules operate in a similar manner to the keypad of the stimulator/control unit, to activate “SIT/STAND”,
  • “STAND/SIT”, “RIGHT STEP”, “LEFT STEP” functions. Stimulus intensity "INCREASE", or "DECREASE" is also controlled through the buttons on these remote hand switch modules (see photos).

Component Name: Electrode Cables


  • Electrode cables connect the stimulator/control unit to the electrodes. Each cable or lead is color coded for the right (red color protective hood) and left leg (black color protective hood), and will connect four electrodes (two on the peroneal nerve and two on the quadriceps muscles) on each extremity. One cable with four equal lengths (blue color protective hood) will connect to electrodes on the hips, for the 6-channel system.

Component Name: Electrodes


  • A starting quantity of self-adhesive, reusable (and eventually disposable) skin-applied electrodes are also provided with the system. Two electrodes are placed on each quadriceps muscle above the knee of each leg and two are placed on each lower leg. Two additional electrodes are placed on each hip's musculature for 6-channel use.

Component Name: Power Cables


  • The power cable has two identical pronged plugs to connect the stimulator/ control unit to the battery pack.

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