Dr. Justin Chronister

Past Doctor Spotlight

This month on our Doctor Spotlight we want to tell you about Dr. Justin Chronister.

Dr. Chronister practices general Orthopaedics which includes treatment of all types of sports related injuries, arthritic conditions, and complex traumatic injuries of the extremities. Additionally, he specializes in less invasive and arthroscopic surgical techniques for conditions of the shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip. Dr. Chronister has a keen interest in the management of cartilage and soft tissue injuries of athletes, as well as partial and total joint replacement of the knee and shoulder.

Under the expert tutelage of Drs. James Andrews, Lyle Cain, Jeffrey Dugas, and Benton Emblom at the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, Dr. Chronister’s training focused on the management of complex sports injuries in elite level athletes and overhead throwers. As a result, he performs ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction in the elbow (Tommy John’s surgery), arthroscopic shoulder surgery for labral and rotator cuff tears, meniscal repair, ACL and multi-ligamentous reconstruction of the knee, cartilage preservation, patellar stabilization procedures, arthroscopic management of non-arthritic hip conditions, and minimally invasive repair of athletic pubalgia (sports hernia).

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