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Century Orthotics & Medical Equipment, LLC is a local family owned business in Cypress, TX; our office is located at16522 House Hahl Road #E2. We are proud of our staff with over 50 years of combined experience with knowledgeof orthotics, medical equipment, customer service and medical billing. Our mission at Century Orthotics andMedical Equipment, LLC is to provide comprehensive services, which maintain and improve the physical andmental health of all people who come to us in need. We at Century Orthotics & Medical Equipment, LLC arededicated to the philosophy that everyone is to be treated with dignity and respect. We are known in ourcommunity and the industry for our commitment to customer care and patient focus. We are theprovider of choice in the market areas we serve. It is through this commitment to customer care that weshow every day the importance we place on our relationships with physicians, staff, vendors, homehealth’s, physical therapist and the general public we serve.Century Orthotics & Medical Equipment, LLC recognizes that osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,multiple scoliosis, stroke, paralysis, diabetes, and the general lack of mobility are all a burden on thehealth care system and can reduce an individual’s daily function and quality of life. Century Orthotics &Medical Equipment, LLC is committed to making a difference in the treatment of these conditions byproviding equipment that helps these individuals to get their mobility and quality of life back. Bypartnering with clients, caregivers, home health agencies, physical and occupational therapist andpractitioners, we together develop the most efficient plan of care using the orthotic and medicalequipment we provide.Our specialty is to provide Strength And Stability for our patients so they can continue to live the lifethey deserve and desire.

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